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Cardpointe Tutorial

Cardpointe is our specialized credit card processing platform, available to all merchants at no cost! You can run transactions via the virtual terminal, view your reporting history, set up billing plans and more. Welcome to Cardpointe When logging into Cardpointe, you’ll land on your dashboard. This serves as a snapshot of recent activity. You can… Read more »

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5 Questions to Ask Your Credit Card Processor

With so many options available, it can be difficult for merchants to choose a credit card processor that fits their needs. Knowing what questions to ask your current or prospective agent can help narrow your search and give you confidence in your decision. Are you direct? Many merchants are currently processing through their banks without… Read more »

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3 Reasons to Choose CardConnect Over Your Bank for Credit Card Processing

Cardconnect (Fiserv) is a big name in today’s credit card processing ecosystem, but there are hundreds of players offering services. Many merchants choose to go through their banks because they don’t understand their options, and are shocked when they see the difference in going direct. Banks act as brokers between a merchant and a processor,… Read more »