Offsetting credit card transaction
expenses has never been easier

With the Merchant Surcharge Program, merchants can add a fixed
3.0% fee to their consumers’ credit card transactions at checkout
to help cover their processing costs.

Available for:

Eligible Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express
Opt Blue card-present + card-not-present transactions


Surcharging allows merchants to add a ‘percentage checkout fee’ to a
credit card transaction that is paid by the end consumer to help offset
the merchant’s credit card processing fees

A Helping

This fully compliant Merchant Surcharge Program
provides a seamless user experience, while following
card brand guidelines


Once enabled for surcharging, merchants can use the full Clover
Platform for merchant surcharging via the Clover Gateway for
card-not-present and the following devices for card-present:

• Clover Flex (Gen 2 & 3)
• Clover Mini (Gen 2 & 3)
• Clover Station Solo

• Clover Station 2
• Clover Station Duo
• Clover Go (Gen 3)

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