Jean McCrady, Murphy Hill Storage

I’m just getting started with the Cardconnect service and I couldn’t be more pleased. In getting installed and set up, both Mike and Edyth were not only immensely helpful from a knowledge, instructive standpoint, but were personable and easy to communicate with, like talking with a good friend. That not only instilled great confidence, but also takes any impending dread out of customer support needs I may have in the future. As I told them both, it was a sheer, and rare, delight to talk with real people rather than an impersonal AI voice. When I called the Cardconnect number and Edyth actually answered the phone, I was shocked. Not having to navigate a multi-layered menu of choices, be shuffled from one AI voice to another, receive and enter a two-step authorization code, then wait while hoping to finally reach a live person was an experience not often had these days. Thank you for being accessible and real. Please don’t change.