InstantAccept: Your QuickBooks Integration Solution

The question of integration is always at the forefront when choosing a payment processor, and one of the most popular requests is Quickbooks. As Quickbooks is used by so many businesses for so many aspects, such as payroll, invoicing and inventory management, it’s incredibly convenient to have a solution for directing your payments through your… Read more »


What is PIN Debit?

PIN (personal identification number) debit is a debit transaction that’s routed through the debit network instead of the credit network. Debit transactions typically offer higher security and lower costs for merchants, but what is the difference between PIN and signature, and why does it matter? Signature Debit Signature debit is a debit transaction that’s being… Read more »


Hosted Payment Page: Design

One of Cardpointe’s best features is a personalized hosted payment page. You can text or email a link directly to your customers for remote payment, as well as add a “Pay Now” button to your website! This addition to our platform was instrumental in allowing businesses to continue operation through the closures of the COVID-19… Read more »


Cardpointe Mobile

Cardpointe is a great option for merchants on the go! Wishing you could accept credit cards at fairs, festivals and conventions? Looking for a way to run transactions at a customer’s home or on location? So many businesses are branching out to offer more convenient payment methods for their customers. The Cardpointe app is an… Read more »


EMV for Gas Stations: Why is it Necessary?

April 17, 2021 was the deadline for upgrading all payment terminals to accept EMV (chip payments) and magnetic stripes. After April 17, merchants will be held at higher liability for non-EMV compliance. EMV is the process of authentication for chip-based card-present transactions. Without EMV authentication, your business is at a much greater risk of fraud… Read more »


Chargebacks: What can you do?

Chargebacks are a merchant’s worst nightmare; they’re expensive, time-consuming and inevitable. So what can you do? It’s important to understand that there are various types of chargebacks, and knowing what type of chargebacks you’re getting will help to properly dispute them. True fraud chargebacks are initiated against fraudulent or improper charges that the customer should… Read more »

customer using secure integrated checkout for purchase on computer Card Connect Paradise Clover Merchant Services Charge It Now


What is Carding?

With the increasing popularity of online sales, merchants are also seeing a rise in fraud. Carding, which is when fraudsters test stolen credit and debit cards, is particularly effective. For anyone using an online shopping cart for sales on their website or a payment link for their customers, the biggest question is how to avoid… Read more »


Interchange Optimization

You’ve most likely heard this term thrown around in relation to credit card processing, but what exactly is interchange and why does it matter? Interchange is the individual price assessment for all card types; since these fees are paid directly to the card-issuing banks, not to the payment processors, they are generally non-negotiable and can… Read more »



To Integrate or Not to Integrate?

To integrate my credit card processing or not to integrate? That is the question. Integrated credit card processing is when your business management software has credit card processing built (or integrated) into it. The nice thing about this is that you keep it simple by using just one interface and avoid double entering charges. However,… Read more »

3500 and iPP215 small POS terminal hardware to process credit and debit payments Card Connect Paradise Clover Merchant Services Charge It Now


Ingenico Desk3500 Quick Guide

The Desk3500 is the go-to terminal for integration! Working seamlessly on the Cardpointe platform, this terminal provides real-time reporting in conjunction with the Cardpointe mobile app and website. Connecting via ethernet and wifi, the Desk3500 accepts EMV, mag stripe and contactless (NFC) credit and debit cards.  Pin debit is made easy with the option to… Read more »