How Can a Financial Analyst Help Your Business Mitigate Credit Card Fraud?

As the digital world and technology advance, fraud and cybercrimes continue to evolve. In the US, 389,737 credit card fraud cases were reported in 2021, with losses totaling $181 million. Credit card information is also now more easily accessible thanks to sophisticated phishing scams and card skimming equipment; criminals no longer need access to the physical card… Read more »

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Understanding Underwriting

The underwriting process can be confusing and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be! Understanding what information the underwriters are asking for and why it’s being requested can help put merchants at ease and speed along the process. After all, an underwriting review is necessary in order to be approved for a merchant account, and… Read more »


PCI Compliance

What is PCI Compliance? PCI stands for Payment Card Industry. PCI standards were developed by the major card brands as a way to address potential vulnerabilities and guide organizations to maintain the integrity of cardholder data. All merchants are required to be compliant in order to accept credit cards. Why is PCI Compliance Important? PCI… Read more »


What is PIN Debit?

PIN (personal identification number) debit is a debit transaction that’s routed through the debit network instead of the credit network. Debit transactions typically offer higher security and lower costs for merchants, but what is the difference between PIN and signature, and why does it matter? Signature Debit Signature debit is a debit transaction that’s being… Read more »


EMV for Gas Stations: Why is it Necessary?

April 17, 2021 was the deadline for upgrading all payment terminals to accept EMV (chip payments) and magnetic stripes. After April 17, merchants will be held at higher liability for non-EMV compliance. EMV is the process of authentication for chip-based card-present transactions. Without EMV authentication, your business is at a much greater risk of fraud… Read more »


Chargebacks: What can you do?

Chargebacks are a merchant’s worst nightmare; they’re expensive, time-consuming and inevitable. So what can you do? It’s important to understand that there are various types of chargebacks, and knowing what type of chargebacks you’re getting will help to properly dispute them. True fraud chargebacks are initiated against fraudulent or improper charges that the customer should… Read more »

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What is Carding?

With the increasing popularity of online sales, merchants are also seeing a rise in fraud. Carding, which is when fraudsters test stolen credit and debit cards, is particularly effective. For anyone using an online shopping cart for sales on their website or a payment link for their customers, the biggest question is how to avoid… Read more »