Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to offset your business’s credit card expenses?

With our Merchant Surcharge Program, you can!

With the Merchant Surcharge Program, businesses can add a ‘% checkout fee’ to a credit card transaction that is paid by the end consumer to help offset the merchant’s credit card processing fees.

Available for: Eligible Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express Opt Blue card-present and card-not-present transactions

Surcharge Program Pricing

Surcharge Rate

3.0% (passed to cardholder)

Credit Card Discount Rate

Debit Card Discount Rate

Debit Card Transaction Fee

2.9126% (billed to merchant)



Items to Note

  • Merchants cannot profit from the surcharge program
  • The merchant discount rate of 2.9126% is equivalent to a 3.0% surcharge rate
  • State/US Territory Restrictions: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Puerto Rico, Armed Forces

How it works

Surcharge Rate: 3.0%

  • Merchant charges the consumer 3.0% on the sale amount
  • Example: A $100 sale plus a 3.0% surcharge results in a total sale amount of $103.00 charged to the cardholder



3.0% surcharge


customer total

Discount Rate: 2.9126%

  • Merchant is billed 2.9126% on the total amount of the transaction
  • Example: Merchant is billed 2.9126% on the $103.00, which equals the $3.00 surcharge billed to the cardholder –
    merchant amount equates to the consumer surcharge amount


discount rate


merchant net funded

Merchant nets back to $100 sale amount

Customer Disclosure

What do you need to disclose?

Merchants must create and post clear + prominent disclosures at the
point-of-entry, point-of-interface and point-of-sale

Suggested Verbiage/Signage


We impose a surcharge of 3.0% when paying with a credit card, which is not greater than our cost of acceptance. The adjustment will appear on your receipt. We do not surcharge debit cards. Any purchases made with a debit card or cash will not include a surcharge.

Legal Disclaimer

› There may be other disclosure requirements related to surcharging depending on your type of business and where you are located. Please review the Card Brand rules and any state laws to determine what applies to your business. You are solely responsible for preparing disclosures that comply with applicable laws.
› Notices/disclosures indicating that you are assessing a surcharge on credit card purchases must be posted at all points of customer interface, including point of entry and point of sale/transaction
› Some states have additional disclosure requirements whereby businesses are not allowed to advertise one price, and then add a surcharge at the point of sale when a consumer elects to pay with a credit card. Instead, businesses are required to inform consumers of the higher credit card price for each product or service by posting the higher prices. In these states, merchants must clearly post the dollar and cents amount of each product or service offered. Additionally, businesses may be required to inform consumers of the higher credit card price for each product or service by posting the dollar and cents amount of the higher price.

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