The CardPointe Platform Keeps Getting Better!

We’re Taking the Headache Out of Cardholder Updates with Card Account Updater.

Card Account Updater is a game changer for businesses that use the CardPointe Virtual Terminal’s recurring billing feature or store customer profiles in CardPointe. With this new service, out-of-date credit/debit card information (think: card number, expiration date, etc.) is replaced with updated card data to avoid recurring payment interruptions. As a result, the frequency of declined or late payments drastically reduces.
The best part? Updates are done behind the scene without customer intervention!

How it Works

Once enabled, Card Account Updater monitors your stored customer payment accounts to determine if the saved card data has become obsolete. If new card data is available, a new token is generated to automatically replace the saved data in CardPointe within 5 business days.
[Pro Tip] This offering is only applicable for credit/debit cards that are used for recurring billing and stored customer profiles.

Take advantage of CardPointe’s Card Account Updater today!