CardConnect Paradise and The Xcite Group have teamed up to get you unbeatable credit card processing rates and service. 

Ryan Meissner

CardConnect Paradise is the first company in 12 years to help us with processing that really seems to care about the service to the client. From our first meeting all the way through set up and over 3 years as a client, they have been more than attentive to our needs and success on their platform. Xcite would recommend them to any business that is needing credit card processing help.

Call our representative Dan Arndt
at 480-289-6304 for more details!

  • 50% savings on your credit card processing
  • Dedicated team of helpful agents
  • Text or email invoices (see examples below)
  • Pay Now button for websites
  • Manage locations, PCI, statements from great web portal (see video)
  • Mobile phone processing included
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Cancel at anytime

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