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CardConnect Paradise has developed the most sophisticated secure payment gateway in the industry. Their user-friendly online payment solutions can be tailored to the specific needs and size of your business.

CardConnect Paradise online payment solutions support all major credit cards, including purchasing cards and other payment methods, such as electronic checks.

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Brick & Mortar

Merchants who sell face to face and swipe at least 70% of their MasterCard and Visa transactions receive a low discount rate and a low per-transaction fee (this is referred to as a qualified rate).

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Mail Order/Telephone Order

Due to increased risk, merchants who manually key 51% to 100% of their MasterCard and Visa transactions also receive a slightly higher discount rate, plus a slightly higher per-transaction fee. Swiping the transaction permits reading the encoded data from the magnetic stripe on the back of the card, whereas manual key entry does not.

In addition, all keyed transactions must be processed using the Address Verifications Service (AVS). Each AVS inquiry incurs an additional five-cent fee. Because purchasing cards provide customized user features, they are billed a lower keyed discount rate, plus a lower keyed per-transaction fee. Rates may be higher for secured merchants.

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CardConnect Paradise payment processing solutions enable small restaurant owners and franchisees to offer more payment options to their customers. Equally important, CardConnect Paradise merchants enjoy opportunities to generate additional revenue when they offer ATM/debit card acceptance, which customers are more likely to use at restaurants than at other retail establishments.

Restaurants receive a low discount rate, plus a low per-transaction fee when they process 90% to 100% swiped MasterCard and Visa transactions.

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