Integration is always a forefront issue when setting up a business online. Webhosts, payment gateways, API… it can easily get muddled and confusing on how to fit all the puzzle pieces together and create a functional platform for your customers. Thankfully, there’s one easy solution for taking payments: Authorize.net.

Authorize.net is one of the original online payment gateways, having been around since 1996! Because of this, it integrates with most website platforms to create the great majority of online shopping systems for small-medium businesses and partners with the great majority of payment processors. Authorize.net provides merchants with a shopping cart system for simple checkouts, complete with fraud protection options, full transaction reporting, recurring billing and software development kits for mobile integration. It even provides a virtual terminal for manual transaction entry and 24/7 technical support.

What is Included With Authorize.net

A standard Authorize.net payment gateway account comes with a multitude of features including:

  • API (Application Programming Interface) credentials
  • A merchant interface including a virtual terminal, transaction reporting, customizable security settings, an invoice system and more
  • AVS (Address Verification Service) and CCV (Card Code Verification) fraud prevention tools
  • An advanced fraud detection suite of filters and tools to evaluate potentially fraudulent transactions
  • 24/7 customer service and technical support through phone, web and an expansive online support site

Why is Authorize.net Recommended

Authorize.net is a senior player in the payment processing industry. They have the most customers of any payment processor and integrate fully with almost every option available. They support online stores on a multitude of webhost platforms, API integration with existing merchant accounts, and extensive sandbox support and plugins for developers working with Android and iOS.

CardConnect Paradise has a special reseller partnership with Authorize.net which allows us to set up accounts for our merchants at greatly reduced cost! Contact Us to get set up with your account today and check out our popular Cardpointe platform here.

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