Merchant Account Steps

Applying for a merchant account is very easy! You just have to fill out the one page application form. A new account is usually opened on the same day that a completed application is submitted.

Very, very few applicants are declined. You shouldn’t feel left out simply because your business has witnessed a slide, albeit temporary. You are still eligible for good merchant account service. The strategy to get your business back into a good financial health is look for a reliable and handy merchant account.

But even if you are turned down, you still get the Checks by Web, Phone and Fax Software set-up mostly free, just for applying. Plus, in the rare case that you are initially declined, your merchant account service provider will resubmit your application once it reviews some of the information supplied on the application. There is always a solution, and the company usually takes care of it for you.

You may want to know, what if you have a bad credit rating. Is this a problem? No worries, here too! There are no hassles and no strict credit requirements. All of the funds you collect from credit card transactions are deposited directly into the bank account of your choice. You can even have the funds deposited directly into your personal checking account if you wish. So, you need to open a new bank account for your merchant account.

It does not take much training to learn, and you will be fully trained on all equipment at NO charge. Most merchant account service providers have a technical support phone number that you can call if you need help.

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