Required Criteria for getting an Internet Merchant Account

For getting an Internet Merchant Account, he provider may require some information from you. This information will typically consist of details on the following criteria’s.

  • Information on nature of business and the duration for which, your business has been operational is the basic information that is required by any provider and is the first criteria towards getting an Internet Merchant account.
  • Your credit history is another mandatory criterion that will be scrutinized by an Internet Merchant Account provider.
  • The pricing of your product or service.
  • Information on your target markets and markets you plan to expand in future.
  • Volume of transactions expected in a month.
  • The processing method that you are going to follow i.e. Real Time or Manual
  • Location of your business.
  • References from trading bodies and other governing bodies may be required by some Internet Merchant Account providers.
  • Documents pertaining to establishment of business may also be required by some Internet Merchant account providers.

Information on the above-mentioned criteria will help you get an Internet Merchant account smoothly without any hassles. If you are planning to apply for an Internet merchant account then it is advisable to keep this information ready for making the obtaining process faster. 

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