Online Payment Gateway – a value add for your Customers

With lives getting busier and free time getting shorter, customers are constantly seeking convenient modes of shopping and one option available with them is online shopping.

Customers have started using this mode increasingly and one of the factors driving this is the facility of online payments through gateways.

Online Payment Gateways have been widely accepted by merchants and customers worldwide. Its wide acceptance can be attributed to the flexibility and ease it offers to both the retailers and customers.

Some of the benefits online payment gateways offer the customer are:

  • Online payment gateways make the entire online shopping experience very easy for the customer. They do not have to write checks or travel to make payments. They can conveniently pay for their purchases sitting at their homes or offices.

  • Flexibility of shopping at any time of hour without worrying about making arrangements for money.

  • Online payment gateways make the gifting process simpler and hassle free. As a customer can pay for the gift from anywhere in the world.

  • On making payments through online gateways, customers get instant approval and decrease any lead-time of the payment reaching the merchant, all of which leads to quicker dispatch of the order.

  • Customers can claim their money back if they find the product or service dissatisfactory or if the merchant commits any fraud.

The above mentioned and other factors make the online payment gateways a key driver in the immense popularity that online shopping enjoys today.

A retailer who has not yet plugged in online gateways into his payment options is simply losing customers to his competitors and making ordering more inconvenient. 

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