Costs involved in setting up an Instant Credit Card Merchant Account

Instant Credit Card Merchant account can be setup in minutes to accept credit card payments. The various fees and costs in setting up an account are as follows:

  • Setup and Hardware Cost: Usually it starts from $100. The hardware is also available on Lease, but that is not recommended. It is always better for a merchant to make an outright purchase.

  • Transaction Fee: Are anywhere between $0.25 and $0.50 per transaction. Transaction fees will also vary according to nature of your business. They are lower for retail establishments compared to online or mail order based businesses.

  • Discount Rate: Are usually around 1.50% for retail businesses while they are pegged around 4% for internet based businesses.

  • Chargeback- A chargeback happens when the cardholder claims the amount back that he has already paid or the amount that has been fraudulently added to their card. Chargeback rates vary; they can be $5 or $20 for a chargeback occurrence.

  • Annual Fees: This fee purely depends on your merchant account provider. Some providers waive this fee completely, while others may charge up to $100 a year. One must always find this cost out from the provider before signing up.

  • Gateway Fee: Secure payment gateway providers charge a monthly fee for using their system. The fees usually start from $10 a month.

  • Address Verification Fees (AVS): The system checks the billing address of the customer to the address on his credit card. Most credit card merchant accounts come with AVS at no extra costs. AVS charges are usually around 0.20% to 1.20% of sales

Look out for the above- mentioned rates and also hidden charges that come with an instant credit card merchant account. These charges however may not be explicitly communicated to you and may be hidden. 

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